About Us

Good4Work has been developed to address the needs of small to medium-sized business owners and managers who prioritize their employees’ wellbeing.

Insight-driven Development

Based on feedback from businesses across New Zealand, it became evident that despite valuing employee wellbeing, many were hindered by time constraints or uncertainty regarding where to begin. Good4Work emerged as a solution to streamline the process, offering guidance on initiation, implementation, and timing.

Comprehensive Approach

Drawing from the latest workplace wellbeing insights, Good4Work integrates the best practices recommended by the World Health Organization. Its development involved collaboration between key entities such as Toi Te Ora Public Health, Healthy Families NZ, Health Promotion Agency, and Auckland Regional Public Health Service, with contributions from various stakeholders including Healthy Families Rotorua, Healthy Families Lower Hutt, and representatives from The Warehouse Group and Fonterra.

Contributing Partners

  • Toi Te Ora Public Health Toi Te Ora Public Health Service, serving the Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Boards, has been at the forefront of workplace wellbeing through its WorkWell initiative since 2011.
  • Health Promotion Agency The Health Promotion Agency (HPA) is dedicated to inspiring healthier lifestyles among New Zealanders, offering resources and support through initiatives like wellplace.nz.
  • Auckland Regional Public Health Service Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) focuses on promoting and protecting the health of Auckland’s diverse population, striving for a future where workplaces prioritize effective wellbeing cultures.
  • Healthy Families NZ Healthy Families NZ spearheads community-driven efforts to enhance health outcomes by addressing root causes of chronic diseases, challenging communities to adopt healthier practices in various settings.

Government Support

The Ministry of Health has played a pivotal role in supporting Healthy Families NZ and contributed to the development of Good4Work, aligning with its mission to improve, promote, and protect the health of all New Zealanders.